Unlocking the Omnivoyant Eye Theo Ellsworth

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How do you put yourself into a trance or into a place that’s receptive to the subconsciousness? I find the act of drawing in itself to be trance inducing. I first became obsessed with automatic drawing in high school because it felt like it would light up my brain and…

figures of speech in D minor

organize the snakespluck stringsdivide the wave to the pedal pointa step, a diesis, a key signaturetarget a centerignitionarrowbow lyrefabulistthe dirty godsshe had a nice baseassociative process with dials from point to pointseamlessly one to the otherand then Sigmund Freud’s ringshelloutteranceudder rantsa scale raveturning things into wordsa jewelers hammerstriking the stringskinetic parenthesis circle intersectiondrawing back waxinglinksContinue reading “figures of speech in D minor”

The Personhood Series

sociocultural linguistsneuro-linguistic programmingbook burningnextmurdering ideasultimate authoritygender self-determinationself-identificationthird person pronounskill Mozartsave Ahura MazdaAhura who?empty Walmartover focusednarcissismb clusterpamphleteers on how to thinkscrutineerscritical race theoryspace racejohn birch societyredliningcommunismsocialismnazismbolshevismczarspresidentssupremacyneo conservativeneo liberalismgroups are teamsteams are productsno more Shakespeare from the global theaterbecause the world is flatas a mapnon linear warfarebut what are they doing while we are confusedwhat are theyContinue reading “The Personhood Series”

Alkalizing the Wendigo with a Whirling Mantra

Every culture has experienced cannibalism, headhunting and parasites. This intrusive painting is about those things but thankfully it’s all metaphorical. In this painting I use figures of speech to convey malignant narcissism and greedy tendencies as a psychic virus. While no specific group or person is targeted it is important to be aware of theContinue reading “Alkalizing the Wendigo with a Whirling Mantra”

Hidden Structure Erik Volet

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“Yes, there is a structure … but it is a structure made of silences, of hanging threads, of cut scenes, where everything occurs in a simultaneous time which is a no-time.” -Juan Rulfo, 1983 Objects from a Dream I, Oil on Canvas 2012 The paintings’ content reflect this ambiguity of…

Automatism, Transgression and Limit-Experience Richard Burke

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Improvised Amusement I am currently interested in exploring digital methods as a way of creating surrealist art. Digital art allows for explorations in painting, photography, collage, and mixed media incorporating painting and photography. The Automatic Muse Surrealism is for me a way of meaningfully integrating my interests in Libertarian Socialist…


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