Dream Incubations P.D. Newman


Poems by P.D. Newman.

Art illustrations Mitchell Pluto

The Pools of Cryptomnesia, the stars journey through Pisces to Aquarius


Barley or mead or wine or corn

Pour out from my goatskin

And into my bull’s horn!

To pieces by the Titans was Dionysus torn!

Lo! A man must die

For him to be twice-born!

The Kykeon and Icon of Hygeia

For P.K., a Poem

Close the doors of your virgin ears.

Shut in your mute wits, mortal.

Down we go to Hell, past nine arches fell–dell, deep well–portal.

Gates of bronze, unlock at myknock.

Greet me goddess, immortal.

Receive me kindly, O Nestis, that we may share a chortle.

Mystical Lapidary, Heka


Tell us.

Tell us what happens
‘Tween sunrise and noon
When the aged oak snaps
‘Neath the weight of the moon

Tell us.

Tell us what makes
An awakening so frail
Close its webbed…

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