8 POEMS by Uche Nduka /Bainbridge Island Notebook: Excerpts


Uche Nduka is a Nigerian-American poet, essayist, collagist and dancer. He is the author of 12 volumes of poems of which the most recent are eel on reef, Living in Public and Facing you. Some of his work has been translated into Finnish, Italian, German, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian,Dutch. His forthcoming(Spring 2022) volume of poems is titled FRETWIRE. He presently teaches in Queens College(CUNY) and lives in New York City.

Bainbridge Island Notebook: Excerpts


Bowmoon three-gunned

and a light less fed

than dew

to say nothing

of going to pieces

and screaming

my guts out

a benefactor

in good standing

i’m inclined

to minimizing

the falsification

of a banquet

you happen to the day

like nautical make-overs

between bong hits


Nor solitudes conspire

against flying lovers

a tickle fight. roof shingles

white walls around

soiled nightsoilmen

where timers tumble

into shadowsteps

horses in stirrups

smell of the false


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