2 POEMS by Enrique de Santiago



 Enrique de Santiago

The spirits of the forest have been speaking

Of dreams trapped in primary silica

that were getting weaker like the long arms

of the Pachamama and the spiers of the ammonites

There you opposed your dense and lost figure

as an omen of the plastic bridge that would come

far from the order of the spheres

and recurring love

in the form of ocean caresses

If you could see with insular eyes

of the wandering comets

on an anomalous trace of the asteroid belt

would you see the meaning of the philosopher’s stone

and its tertiary numbers before the cosmic murmur

and you would hear the spawning of the elusive galaxies


Enrique de Santiago

In the beginning gods created the heavens and the earth

and the earth was messy and empty

and darkness was upon the face of the…

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