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Ossification of the Moon Oracle

Painting is a séance with one’s self, it’s a mediumship that dowses for pathways in the collective unconsciousness. All my writing is speculation, observational study and a visualization exercise in words. Sefkhet-Abwy is Djehuty’s counterpart. Djehuty being commonly referred to by the Greek name Thoth, the ibis headed or beaker moon god. It is unclearContinue reading “Ossification of the Moon Oracle”

The Jewelry of Gypsy Moon Designs

Jewelry to me is about enhancing appearance. Since ancient times jewelry was designed to be magical and emblematic. Although I’m not into fashion, jewelry allows me a channel to express my creativity and earn a living.   My wife began GypsyMoonDesigns in 1995 in Taos, New Mexico. She developed an online presence in 2008. WeContinue reading “The Jewelry of Gypsy Moon Designs”

Astrology and Cosmograms

written by Mitchell Pluto© February 14 2021 The moon is a well spring of inspiration in my life. We watch each other grow. I can see for myself the rhythm through eight phases. This is enough to make me believe the moon is an oracle. The painting called The Geomantic Knight considers the mystical qualitiesContinue reading “Astrology and Cosmograms”

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