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Path of the Animist Miguel Ángel Huerta Zuñiga

Originally posted on SULΦUR:
Animism is our oldest belief pattern. It is the solar star with a system of selves. It is the entrance into dreamtime. The animistic brain believes that everything is an agent of mystery and energy. Miguel Angel Huerta Zuñiga is a Chilean artist based in Til_Til, Chile. He has exhibited…

Phantom Thoughts of Rene Ortega Villarroel

Originally posted on SULΦUR:
Aboriginal ancestors from our past developed a diagrammatic x-ray vision that not only revealed anatomical features but also recorded the internal pressure, a psychic meteorology within the body. Rene Fernando Ortega Villarroel is a visual artist from Chile who practices the ancient tradition of X-ray vision in his painting. Rene…

The Tarot of Diana Calabaza Cósmica

Originally posted on SULΦUR:
Tarot images have inspired Andre Breton, Roberto Matta, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and many others . The archetypical images of the tarot serve as a map key. These key images help the viewer to interpret the language of their subconsciousness. Diana Calabaza Cósmica is a Spanish artist who is interested…

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