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The Tetramorph, The Magnetic Stabilization of the Ladder of Triangles

written by Mitchell Pluto¬© 4, 14 2021 The search for a mind treasure in the past relied on the astrological map of archetypes. This cross was emblemized into the tetramorph, a visual arrangement of four things. In this artistic dramatization Aquarius is an agent of sapience directing itself as it’s own magnetic force. Taurus, Leo,Continue reading “The Tetramorph, The Magnetic Stabilization of the Ladder of Triangles”

Hall of Creation

every once in a while I enjoy experimenting with different concepts and design. here’s an avant garde chain mail style, copper enamel pendent. I like the way M’Chigeeng First Nation artist, Duncan Neganigwane Pheasant describes a special frame of mind as a Hall of Creation. everybody walks through two beams of structure and flexibility. theseContinue reading “Hall of Creation”

The Arcanauts, Mystical Jazz

From David Andrew Moore’s thearcanauts.com The Arcanauts is a spiritually oriented, psychedelic Jazz and Funk band. The band was founded by composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist David Andrew Moore. Moore founded the band with intentions of creating the kinds of music he liked as a vehicle to express the spiritual path he is walking. The ArcanautsContinue reading “The Arcanauts, Mystical Jazz”

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